Topical Preparations

MedQuest makes a variety of topical preparations, but the two most common bases are:

VersaBase®, default for female patients. 

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Atrevis Hydrogel®, default for male patients. 

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Delivery Device Options

Placebos available upon request, fill out this form and fax to MedQuest Pharmacy at (866) 373-2979 to get yours. 

Manufactured Thyroid Products

Due to nationwide shortages, many manufacturers of commercially available thyroid medications have had trouble keeping their products in stock.

Here you can view a document that is updated daily by the MedQuest team to see which products are currently available.


Pharmaceutical grade supplements developed by pharmacists and providers

Nutrascriptives Website

Private labeling program

Nutrascriptives® offers practitioners the opportunity to private label a selection of our most popular supplements under their own trusted name to sell in office

Increase practice revenue and help your patients get high quality supplements guaranteed to have the purity and potency they claim

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